Norton™ has long been a trusted name in the antivirus business. In order to continue to remain relevant in an industry that has many competitors, the company knows they must continue to update their antivirus products with new and improved aspects. With the Norton 360™ product, they have focused on improving two aspects that work for both traditional and mobile devices.

One aspect that Norton™ has improved is their SONAR Behavioral Protection. This protection is designed to detect virus threats that have not yet been invented. Though a consumer’s Norton 360™ antivirus protection is constantly updating, new viruses can occur overnight and infect an unknowing consumer’s computer before any of the antivirus protection programs have identified the virus. Through the use of SONAR Behavioral Protection, Norton™ is able to stay ahead of those threats and is able to eliminate them before they destroy a consumer’s system.

Additionally, the SONAR Behavioral Protection operates using the Norton™ live Threat Monitoring that operates 24 hours a day during each of the seven days of the week. This means that a consumer’s computer system is constantly monitored for any virus threat, even those that haven’t been invented yet.

Another improvement that Norton™ has made with their Norton 360™ product targets consumers who use mobile devices. These consumers typically have some type of data usage allotment for a month. If they do not follow this allotment, they can be charged overage fees. Through Bandwidth Management 2.0, Norton™ automatically adjusts data usage updates whenever a consumer connects to a 3G network. This helps consumers avoid using up all of their data for the month.

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