Quezon Day Tour : Balikbayan

My wife’s auntie is an 86 year old balikbayan from Australia, She arrived 2 days ago and is now raring to visit various places in Lucena and nearby towns. She is curious and excited to see how does her hometown Lucena City and Quezon Province have changed through the years.

auntie vicky quezon day tour
Auntie Vicky

Our first stop was Kamayan Sa Palaisdaan in Tayabas,Quezon. Here you can opt to eat in their floating tables placed side by side at their man made lake. Synonymous to Palaisdaan is Tilapia whether it’s grilled or ginataan you’ll never go wrong and yes it’s always fresh. also a must try is their grilled liempo and sisig.

kamayan sa palaisdaan
Waiting for the Lunch to be served at Kamayan sa Palaisdaan

After getting our tummies filled with sumptuous lunch we headed to Lucban, famous for its Pahiyas Festival and local delicacies like longanisa lucban and pancit lucban which is commonly known as pancit habhab. Auntie Vicky wanted to see the Kamay ni Hesus Shrine the favorite destination of pilgrims during Lenten season. One can also catch healing masses celebrated by Father Joey Faller.

kamay ni hesus shrine
Auntie Vicky offering some prayers

kamay ni hesus noah's ark
My sister in-law Ana and her daughter Riri

noah's ark kamay ni hesus lucban
The kids at Noah’s Ark

After offering some prayers and scaling more than 300 steps of the Kamay ni Hesus Shrine it’s time to go home. On our way to Lucena we found an interesting resto/antique shop Javierto’s. The place was very nostalgic it’s like being back to my grandparents house seeing those old furnitures especially the sala set bring back good memories of my childhood. Upon minutes of gazing around the area we tried their halo-halo and it was a perfect dessert to end our day trip in Quezon Province.

Gaby and Robyn at Javierto’s

javiertos halo-halo
Maman enjoying the sorbet like Halo-halo

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