Deep Sea Fishing at Mauban with my Lolo

As I was organizing my pictures I saw this old album/folder with a file name of Mauban fishing with Lolo. Timely that I never had a chance to say goodbye to him, he passed away peacefully last april at my tita’s house in las vegas. This entry is my tribute to you lolo.

Lolo posing with our winning fish

Although this event happened way back in 2004 it’s still fresh from my memories. I can recall how excited he was preparing for this trip because my Lolo loves to fish and to travel. but this trip is special because it’s one of Lucena Anglers Club tournament and this is our first time to team up in a deep sea fishing tournament also my younger brother borgy joined the trip. We left Lucena City our home town at about 4 in the morning. We arrived at Mauban port together with the other members of Lucena Anglers Club at about 5 am. Upon arrival at the port each team was assigned to a boat and was given instructions and rules of the tournament.

waiting for something to happen

waiting for something to happen. when fishing patience is really a virtue 😉

He’s not bored he just fell asleep

My lolo is very excited but me and my brother were kinda scared because it’s our first time to fish in an open sea in this case the Pacific Ocean with just a small boat. The waters of Mauban is known in quezon to have huge waves as what the locals says (Gabahay and laki ng alon). We know that fishing is not really for the young ones hehe it’s safe to say boring if there’s no action like bite or strike from the fish. All we did is circle around the beautiful island of Cagbalete and nearby town of Alabat, Quezon waiting for the fish to take our bait. but once you get a strike from a big fish get ready for a fight you’ll be lucky to get a strike within the range of 6-10 the whole day and you’re not yet sure that you’ll automatically caught the fish. We had our first taste of battle with a big fish at noon time when we are about to eat our lunch, I was very ecstatic and don’t know what to do because after waiting for almost 6 hours just sitting and waiting for an action and it was really a one tough fight with the fish I thought I had it but after 30 minutes of poor strategy on my part my line snap and the fish got away. My lolo was just all smiles coaching me on what to do telling me to take my time with the rod and feel the movement of the fish, he just gave me a pat me on the back while telling me you’ll get the fish next time.

me and my Lolo Pat

Biggest catch of the tournament my 6 kilo trevelli

The 2nd strike was a success my brother reeled in a 1 and half kilo Lapu-lapu the three of us were very happy and my brother borgy keeps on bragging at us saying that’s how a PRO fish. then after 30 minutes my brother again caught a 2 kilo barracuda my lolo and I teased him saying that it was chamba, beginners luck. My lolo is egging me to show borgy that I can catch a big one (it only shows that I’m his favorite haha). after hours of waiting my 2nd strike happened and this time I made it sure that I can reel it in and I did, I caught the biggest fish of the tournament a 6 kilo trevelli/talakitok. Our lolo once again was very happy even though he hasn’t caught one but seeing his two apo enjoying the trip with him is like winning the tournament’s biggest fish. The trip was really memorable to us it was our first and last fishing open tournament before he left for the states. Aside from bringing home the Champion Trophy we brought home a memory that only the 3 of us shared that will stay in our hearts forever. I LOVE YOU LOLO AND I MISSED YOU SO MUCH.

With some members of the Lucena Anglers Club

Lolo posing with the giant trevelli lucky for us the one who caught the fish didn’t join the tournament he is a doctor in Mauban who also loves to fish on the weekends

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