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I started Pinoyislands.com my personal Philippine Travel Blog back in April 2007 to document my travel adventures with my family and friends. Through this blogsite I can help promote our culture, food and world class destinations which are indeed something to be proud of.

Traveling is my passion it started when I was still competing in age group tennis tournaments in the mid 90’s. I would travel all over the Philippines to join tournaments and earn points to boost my national ranking. It once again ignited when my daughter Gaby is old enough to join us, me and my wife Maman in our travel adventures.

Seeing Gaby on her first plane ride was very memorable and hearing the words she blurted while we were ascending “Daddy para roller coaster sa TV”. I was surprised that she enjoyed it, all along I thought she will be scared. And there I realized that I have now 2 regular travel buddies.

Let’s enjoy, explore and travel the Philippines.

“Philippines – where people and places are world class”
– karl , pinoyislands.com
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karl, maman and gaby

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